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Edward Bond


Writers: Playwrights

Edward Bond grew up in London from working-class parents, living through the blitz and rocket attacks. Having left school at 15, he worked in various short-term jobs and at 18 served for two years in the National Service. He continued to write in his spare time, and his second professional production – SAVED – in 1965 caused a national sensation, becoming the pivotal point in the abolition of theatre censorship.

He became a professional writer and director. To this date, his plays have been produced in more than 60 countries. He has formed particular relationships with French theatre (which led to THE PARIS PENTAD) and the Birmingham Theatre Company, Big Brum, for whom he has written ten plays. 

In all, he has written over fifty plays, written for film, TV and opera as well as poetry. La Comedie-Francaise described his extensive body of theoretical work on drama as the most important since Brecht. He is credited with creating a revolutionary form of committed theatre to succeed Brecht and Stanislavski. His work is controversial, sometimes denigrated, but increasingly described (as in the words of Dublin’s landmark Abbey Theatre) as the most influential English dramatist of all time.