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Robert Bolt


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Academy Award-wining screenwriter and playwright whose works include the films LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, DR ZHIVAGO, RYAN’S DAUGHTER and THE MISSION and the play and film A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS and the plays VIVAT! VIVAT REGINA! and FLOWERING CHERRY, he was one of the most successful British writers of his generation.



“one of the few contemporary portrait-plays likely to last” (J C Trewin)

“Robert Bolt has written a play that is luminous with intelligence and steely with conviction….With its commingling of literary grace, intellectual subtlety and human simplicity, it challenges the mind and, in the end, touches the heart.” (New York Times) “a big thoughtful play” (Washington Post) “What Mr Bolt has done is to make the human mind shine. The glare is dazzling; the experience exhilarating.” (Walter Kerr)