Ashleigh Laurence


Ashleigh Laurence


Represented By

Emma Obank

Christine Glover

Assistant - Nina Amini

Ashleigh is a young Northern playwright and performer. Her one-woman show TUMOURS, was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe before coming to Soho Theatre this Autumn. It is a darkly comedic portrayal of a young woman with extreme health anxiety who, on the cusp of turning 28, is convinced she is going to die prematurely and join the 27 Club. The show is inspired by Ashleigh’s own experience, as well as the medical profession’s and society’s attitudes towards women’s bodies. Ashleigh has also recently finished the Soho Theatre Writers’ Lab course and is part of Efficient Women Writers, a TV writers’ room that is sponsored by ITV. She is currently working on a number of new ideas for TV and theatre.