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Lela London


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Lela London is an incredibly talented new writer. Coming from a background in journalism & blogging, US native and London based Lela is a senior contributor to Forbes, where she writes about culture & style. She very recently moved into screenwriting. Her first TV script WRITE-OFFS, which featured on the 2021 Brit List, is a semi-autobiographical account of a young American woman as she tries to kick off her journalistic career at a respected newspaper all the while navigating the highly intricate London dating world. She is developing this project with Bad Wolf Studios. Meanwhile, her first feature film script, BUMMIT, a millennial coming of age story, has just been announced as semi-finalist in The Black List and Women In Film’s feature residency. She has just completed a stint in the writer’s room for a soon to be announced international TV series from Anton Corp and is currently developing an original idea with David P Davis’ new ITV backed label 5 Acts. Lela’s writes with great sophistication. She combines biting wit and satire with human stories which tackle brilliantly the nuances of human interaction.