Film & TV staff

The Film & TV department represents film and television directors, writers, producers, estates and the film and television rights for a select number of books. We do not represent publishing rights to books, nor do we represent actors.

Jodi Shields

Head of Department

Assistant - Simon Renshaw

Jenne Casarotto

Assistant - Nigel Fullerton

Rachel Holroyd

Assistant - Jack Gilchrist

Elinor Burns

Assistant - Catherine Goldstone

Tracy Brimm

Head of Creative Affairs

Assistant - Nina Amini

Mark Casarotto

Assistant - Joe Richards

Christine Glover

Assistant - Nina Amini

Tracey Hyde

Assistant - Isabella Sareen

Charlotte Kelly

Assistant - India Audsley

Rob Kraitt

Assistant - Ellen Gallagher

Anthony Mestriner

Assistant - Sophia Zhang

Lucinda Prain

Assistant - Gabriel Speechly

Abby Singer

Assistant - CJ Rock

Gabriel Blair


Ellen Gallagher