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Linda McLean


Writers: Playwrights

Linda McLean comes from Glasgow, Scotland. Her plays have won many awards and include EVERY FIVE MINUTES; SEX & GOD; ANY GIVEN DAY; STRANGERS, BABIES; SHIMMER; RIDDANCE; and ONE GOOD BEATING. Since her first production in 1997 she has been known as a playwright who experiments with form. Her plays have been translated into many languages and an anthology of her work was published in France in 2015 by Actes Sud. Linda is chair of the Playwrights' Studio, Scotland and is on the artistic board of Magic Theatre, San Francisco. Her play THINGUMMY BOB with Lung Has was on at the Traverse Theatre in 2015 and her stage adaptation of Alice Munro’s short stories THE VIEW FROM CASTLE ROCK premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival 2016. Her new play GLORY ON EARTH opens at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, in May 2017.