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Sir David Hare


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Credit: Daniel Farhi

David Hare is a playwright and film-maker. He has written over thirty stage plays which include PLENTY, PRAVDA (with Howard Brenton), THE SECRET RAPTURE, RACING DEMON, SKYLIGHT, AMY'S VIEW, THE BLUE ROOM, VIA DOLOROSA, STUFF HAPPENS, SOUTH DOWNS, THE ABSENCE OF WAR, THE JUDAS KISS, THE MODERATE SOPRANO and THE RED BARN. For film and television he has written over twenty-five screenplays which include LICKING HITLER, DREAMS OF LEAVING, SAIGON: YEAR OF THE CAT, WETHERBY, DAMAGE, THE HOURS, THE READER, DENIAL and THE WORRICKER TRILOGY: PAGE EIGHT, TURKS & CAICOS and SALTING THE BATTLEFIELD. He has also written English adaptations of plays by Brecht, Gorky, Chekhov, Pirandello, Ibsen and Lorca. His first work of memoir, THE BLUE TOUCH PAPER, was published in 2015. In the NT millennial poll of the greatest plays of the 20th century, five of the top 100 were his.


Starring Bill Nighy, Helena Bonham Carter, Rupert Graves, Winona Ryder, Christopher Walken, Ralph Fiennes, Felicity Jones, Saskia Reeves, Judy Davis and Ewen Bremner.

Written and Directed by David Hare


Starring Bill Nighy, Rachel Weisz, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Judy Davis

Written and Directed by David Hare

Starring Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore & Meryl Street
Directed by Stephen Daldry    
Screenplay written by David Hare


“one of the great post-war British playwrights” (Independent on Sunday)


“A dramatist of the first rank is writing at full stretch, in complete command of his material, undogmatic and unafraid, unforgiving but compassionate” (Sunday Times)

“A magnificent chamber play by one of the few major playwrights in our language… Skylight might well one day take its place among the small, residual handful of fin de siecle classics.” (New York Post)