Alizée Musson


Represented By

Ellen Gallagher

Alizée is a script & development consultant, writer, and translator working internationally in French and English. Based in London, she develops films and TV projects with emerging and established talents in live-action and animation. Particularly interested in independent cinema, she works across various genres, including drama, thrillers, historical drama, sci-fi, and fantasy. Alizée grew up between France and the Netherlands and later moved between the UK and Czechia to study film production at the Arts University Bournemouth and FAMU. After graduating in 2015, she started working in development as a reader. She went on to work on various projects with independent production companies and studios such as Ardimages, Entertainment One, Amazon Studio, Ubisoft, and Walt Disney as a freelancer. An alumna of the MIDPOINT Feature Launch and the TorinoFilmLab Extended script consulting labs, she also mentors writers through labs and residencies and previously worked with Screen Yorkshire's FLEX Storytelling Program and DYSPLA’s Storymaker Residency.

What she loves most about development is seeing ideas grow into stories and helping writers nurture their creative process. Her approach combines written notes and in-depth discussions with writers to uncover the core of a story, often hidden within a script or treatment in the early stages of development.