Amber Trentham


Amber Trentham



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Tracey Hyde

Assistant - Isabella Sareen

Before becoming a screenwriter Amber’s background was in script editing for film. As a screenwriter she is about to start work on the remake of the Danish horror film WHEN ANIMALS DREAM for Back Up Media, to be directed by Malgorzata Szumowska. She is writing MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPEICE , also for Backup Media/BFI. She has recently adapted Susan Elderkin's SUNSET OVER CHOCOLATE MOUNTAIN, to be directed by Venetia Dearden; BABY WILSON, an adaptation of an E.L Doctorow short story, about a man whose crazy girlfriend steals a baby from a hospital and THE BOY WHO LOVES LIGHTS for Stevie Lee/BFI. Previous developments include THE MADOLESCENTS, a screenplay adapted from the book by Chrissie Glazebrook; COSTA RICA co-written with Jake Arnott for Altered Image; AVAILABLE LIGHT - a spec which was voted onto The Brit List 2011. She is in early development with a mini-series adaptation for Moonriver alongside a number of spec developments. Her writing has a wonderful balance to it - being spirited, insightful, acerbic, funny, and yet deeply moving.