Anna Ssemuyaba


Anna Ssemuyaba

Represented By

Elinor Burns


Assistant - Catherine Goldstone

Anna’s began her career as a researcher for Dangerous Films when she was 16. She then went on to study English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. After graduating, she started working for the BBC where she was a researcher for Riz Ahmed’s ENGLISHSTAN. She subsequently joined production company Fifty Fathoms, where she graduated to a script editing role. Her script editing credits include Academy Award winner John Ridley's GUERRILLA (Fifty Fathoms/Sky) and Lucy Kirkwood's ADULT MATERIAL (recently commissioned for production by Channel 4.) When she was named a 2017 Broadcast Hotshot, John penned a piece for the magazine where he said that "She wrote my favourite lines of the show." Anna is currently developing an original series, ON THE VERGE, with Fifty Fathoms. The pilot was selected for a SKY Table Read in March 2018. Anna was also selected for the 2018 Channel 4 Screenwriting Course, where she developed a Westminster-set original drama, THE POLITICIAN.