Bill Naughton


Bill Naughton

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Imogen Sarre

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The Irish-born but British-bred Naughton (1910-1992) was a key figure in postwar English literature, one of the earliest of the kitchen sink school of writers, and he was an incredibly prolific producer of everything from short stories to screenplays to diaries. Bill Naughton was born June 12th, 1910 in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo. While he was still a small child his family moved to Lancashire where his father worked down the pit. He was educated at St Peter and St Paul School, Bolton. During the war, he was a Civil Defence driver in London. He worked as a lorry driver, weaver and coal bagger and began his writing career by noting down everything he heard in his everyday life in these jobs. He died in 1992. His best-known play ALFIE was filmed twice, first with Michael Caine and subsequently with Jude Law.