Christopher Brett Bailey


Christopher Brett Bailey


Represented By

Kirsten Foster

Assistant - Suzanna Swanson-Johnston

Christopher is a performer, theatre-maker, writer and musician. His critically acclaimed solo debut THIS IS HOW WE DIE received the Arches Brick Award, and an Off West End Award, and was shortlisted for Stückemarkt, Berliner Festspiele 2016.

'what a fucking genius' - Smiths Magazine

‘achingly hip and frighteningly savage’ – The Guardian

‘a virtuoso display of wordsmanship’ - Buzz Mag

‘Holy hell does Christopher Brett Bailey have a way with words’ - Three Weeks

'a fantastically lurid poet' - London City Nights

'attacks performance making like a supernova' - The Play's the Thing

‘Bailey channels the ghosts of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs in a virtuoso display of wordsmanship… It’s not over exaggerating to place Bailey’s name alongside such exalted company' - Buzz Magazine

'a spoken word performance of such intensity I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry' - The Guardian

‘the performer of our generation’ – synonyms for churlish

‘He delivers the audience to some sort of higher providence…This is not merely a must-see, but a theatrical rite of passage.’ – A Younger Theatre

‘a mesmerising, mouthy athlete, all tongue-twisters and mobile lips.’ – The Guardian

‘the beat poet of our generation with scorching rock n roll sensibility’ – To Do List

‘a really special performance talent’ – Total Theatre

“a beautiful maniac” – Snap Reviews

‘hilarious, rabid, poetic, splenetic, poignant, frantic, soaring, and sardonic… Hurry. This man’s talents and dedication will take him as far as he wants to go so see him now when the venues are that bit more intimate and the ticket prices that bit more affordable than when he goes global. Unless he goes postal…’ – Vent Spleen

‘superbly written… gruesome, exceptional… addictive, bold, gooey brilliance. Put down that pesky TV remote and get a ticket.’ - The Crumb

‘leaves you gobsmacked’ - Everything Theatre

‘The bastard son of David Lynch & Stan Laurel’ Tim Crouch

‘hallucinatory genius’ - Tom Bolton