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Daisy Allsop



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Rob Kraitt


Assistant - Isabella Sareen


Daisy Allsop’s first screenplay THE AQUARIUM showcases her quirky brand of character driven world-building drama and the warmth, humour and emotional complexity of her writing. THE AQUARIUM is now in advanced development with Riverstone Pictures with Claire McCarthy attached to direct. Daisy is currently co-writing original screenplay WHISPER for Gabrielle Tana’s Brouhaha productions. Also for Brouhaha, Daisy (with the novelist Melissa Harrison) wrote an adaptation of the acclaimed novel ALL AMONG THE BARLEY (which won the European Prize for literature). Daisy co-wrote UNSUNG; a ghost story for acclaimed music video director Favourite Colour Black, and FEARLESS; a branded content interactive thriller with Stephen Knight for Jaguar. Other credits include docudrama DARK MATTERS for Wide Eyed Entertainment/Discovery Channel. Daisy has a wealth of development experience from her twenty-three-year career as an independent producer, script editor and development consultant. Daisy has worked in acquisitions both in UK distribution and for international sales agent and financier Capitol Films, and West End Films. She was Head of Development and Associate Producer at Feel Films (SKELLIG, SONG OF NAMES) before becoming an independent producer (OTTO BAXTER: NOT A F**ING HORROR STORY, MY HAPPY ENDING, TELL IT TO THE BEES, ORTHODOX).