Danny & Lauren McNamara


Danny & Lauren McNamara


Represented By

Rob Kraitt


Assistant - Isabella Sareen


Lauren & Danny are a new screenwriting team with an exciting style and some irresistible ideas. They are currently developing a number of projects including a book adaptation for Trapeze Entertainment, original TV crime thriller series ANONYMOUS for Eleven Film and executive producer Tim Schlattmann (DEXTER), fertility drama TICK TOCK for Twelve Town and Rainmaker Pictures, a relationship show with a deathly twist MORTIFIED for Eleventh Hour (with M J Delaney attached to direct), comedy drama UNMANAGEABLE for Ranga Bee, psychological thriller THE FALLEN with Kefi Chadwick for Tall Story Pictures, and gritty teen drama CARELESS with Helen Black for Left Bank Pictures. Danny is better known as the songwriter and lead singer of multi-platinum award-winning band Embrace. As well as playing sell out tours all over the world, Embrace enjoyed a string of top ten singles and three number one albums. Lauren is the brains of the outfit.