Jermain Julien


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Mark Casarotto

Assistant - Libby Gervais
Jermain Julien

Jermain is a television drama director with a strong, cinematic eye whose work consistently pushes beyond the boundaries of logistical and budgetary constraints. He directed Grantchester last year, an episode of A24's "Dreaming Whilst Black" more recently, and worked on “Anansi Boys”, the hugely ambitious Neil Gaiman novel being adapted for Amazon. Jermain shot several episodes of Red Planet’s “Death in Paradise”, featuring the series’ most audacious stunt sequence to date. Prior to this, he was a core director on “Holby City”, helming 10 episodes, and lead directed the reboot of the award-winning BBC children’s drama “Wolfblood”, transitioning it from its original rural backdrop to a darker, edgier urban environment. He also directed on the BBC Scotland’s “River City”, CBBC’s “The Dumping Ground”, and was creative director of the Artistic Gymnastics audiovisuals at the 2012 Olympic Games. Jermain has just directed on "Vera".