Kirsty Rider


Kirsty Rider

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Anthony Mestriner

Assistant - Sophia Zhang

Assistant - Guiled Osman

Kirsty is an exciting young writer who comes from an acting background. Her debut short film (which she wrote and starred in), 'Hāfu' (2018), explored the feelings of otherness that many people of colour in the UK face and the conflicts that arise from how they see themselves versus how they are perceived. Her original series, 'Re-Pulsed', explores identity, family, and the depths of young female rage. In 2019, Kirsty was selected to join The Royal Court Writing Group and received the Neal Street Productions Screenwriters Bursary in 2021. She recently wrote a surreal dark comedy, 'In Search of Perfect Death', as part of the Channel 4 Screenwriting Course 2022. Kirsty is currently writing a 45-minute audio drama for Audible and LAMDA.