Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull


Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull


Unit 9

Represented By

Elinor Burns

Associate - Nina Amini

Assistant - Guiled Osman

Luke & Joseph’s debut fiction feature BLOOD CELLS, "a haunting and masterly portrait of the bleeding edges of socalled Broken Britain" (The Times), premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2014. The film stars Barry Ward as a man struggling to come to terms with his past and the devastating effect that Foot & Mouth disease has had upon his farming family. It was released by Picturehouse following its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Michael Powell Award. Their previous film, the feature documentary ISOLATION (about the experiences of ex-soldiers, seen through the eyes of paratrooper turned photographer, Stuart Griffiths), premiered at Edinburgh and was described by the Guardian as "a beautifully attuned piece of work." Luke & Joseph also direct short form work and music videos, in collaboration with Unit 9. Their latest short, PALACE, starring Daniel Ward, was made in 2020 to accompany a track from a new ambient album from Luke's solo music project, Blessed are the Hearts that Bend.