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Mélys Codo


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Now a freelance script editor, Mélys has held in-house development editor and development executive roles at Film4 and Brock Media, working across film and TV development, tracking new talent working across short- and long-form literary fiction, and developing scripted original projects and adaptations with rising stars such as Caleb Azumah Nelson, Miriam Heard, Selina Lim and Miriam Battye. She has also worked as a TV development assistant for RAW TV, a TV production assistant at Blueprint Pictures, and took part in Working Title Films’ prestigious film production and TV development internship programme. Born and raised in France in a multilingual and multicultural household, Mélys pursued higher education in France and England - at Goldsmiths, Cambridge and La Sorbonne, earning postgraduate degrees in Media and Communications and Comparative Literature. She participates as a BIFA voter and was a juror for the 2021 Barnes Film Festival. Mélys loves sci-fi, mythology, and stories that find humour and light in the dark. She is passionate about all things popular culture – from reality TV to YouTube pop culture commentary to stories, books, films, TV shows and podcasts that dissect and grapple with the significance of pop culture and the way it shapes our daily lives and our collective imagination.