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Oliver Taylor


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Oliver Taylor is a screenplay writer, performer, and qualified doctor. In 2014 he created a self-run comedy Youtube channel which now has 1.75 million hits and has been featured on sites such as The Huffington Post and Metro.

During his arduous medical degree, he performed sketch and stand-up with the Cambridge Footlights, giving him the opportunity to act alongside the likes of Adam Kay and James Acaster.

He has written for BBC Radio and Radio 4 Extra, was shortlisted to the BBC Comedy Writer’s Room in 2019 and created a finalist short film entry for the London Sci-Fi film festival, which was watched by a jury including Gareth Edwards, Michael Sheen, and Ben Roberts.

His comedy double-act play Fix My Brain, which tackles depression and the hardships of working in the NHS, was nominated for best newcomer at the Brighton Fringe and is now being reworked for television.

Oliver is currently taking a year out from full-time medicine, which he hopes will last for the rest of his life.