Paul Copley


Paul Copley

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Imogen Sarre

Assistant - Trei Keep

Actor/writer Paul Copley followed his Leeds Playhouse TiE experience contributing to improvised plays and programmes by writing for the Bush Theatre – Pillion in 1977 and Viaduct in 1979. Three plays for Alan Ayckbourn’s Scarborough theatre followed – Trailer, Calling and Tapster, the latter getting a second production at the Bush. In 1984 his play Fire-Eaters co-produced by Tricycle Theatre & Croydon Warehouse was directed for both venues by Pip Broughton.

After travelling in the then USSR at the time of the Chernobyl disaster, Paul wrote On May-Day for BBC Radio 4. This became the World Service Play of the Week during Jan 87 with anniversary repeats on Radio 4 29th April 1996, Radio 4 Xtra 1st May 2006.

More plays for radio followed including episodes of long running Radio 4 series King Street Junior and Words Alive for BBC Education.

Heinemann ‘Literacy World’ & Brilliant Publications have published Paul’s plays for children.