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Sharma Walfall



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Emma Obank

Sharma is a writer and actor who was born and raised in Manchester. Her visceral writing is full of energy and humanity, it is bold, compelling and powerful. Her work is also tender, characterised by complex, surprising friendships and family relationships. She writes young voices with aplomb and is exceptionally deft at crafting ensemble multi-stranded drama. Under the mentorship of multi award-winning screenwriter Jack Thorne Sharma has developed a series pilot THE PRU as part of Dancing Ledge’s HETV screenwriting bursary . She was part of the BBC Writers Room’s Northern Voices and is in Development with KUDOS NORTH with her original drama series GIRL KICKS. Sharma won the prestigious Channel 4 & Northumbria University Northern Writers Award and received her first broadcast credit with her episode of HOLLYOAKS. Since then Sharma has been developing multiple original series ideas including OUT OF BOUNDS which was awarded a development commission with TriForce Creative Network Writer’s Incubator and was subsequently read as part of SKY’S popular industry table reads. Sharma went on to win a place on ITV'S Original Voices EMMERDALE programme where she spent 3 months working in the story and script offices. She was runner up for the ITV and Red Planet Prize, subsequently going into development with RED PLANET PICTURES for her drama RUBY. She has recently taken part in a writer’s room with RED PRODUCTIONS for a drama series which is in development a big UK broadcaster.