Tom Hemmings


Represented By

Elinor Burns

Associate - Nina Amini

Assistant - Guiled Osman

Tom is an award-winning editor turned writer and director. He has developed original film and TV projects with Drama Republic, the BBC, Pathe and Wellington Films. He has also written and directed short films THE DARK, starring Jessica Barden and Toby Jones, and ALPHA BETA, starring Rufus Jones and Richard Glover. Tom’s many editing credits include the BBC’s DOCTOR FOSTER, DRACULA and DON'T FORGET THE DRIVER, FX’s TRUST and 2020’s BRAVE NEW WORLD for Amblin, UCP and USA Network. He is represented for his editing at United Agents. Tom is currently writing a WW2 set action/horror feature for Alpha Bear and XYZ and is also currently writer in the room for the second season of the high-budget sci-fi action adaptation of HALO for Showtime.