Tyrone Rashard


Tyrone Rashard



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Mark Casarotto


Assistant - Libby Gervais


Tyrone Rashard, a Hackney native, is a screenwriter with a penchant for writing powerful action drama, noted for its real elegance and depth. He was inspired to write scripts after watching the original series of "Top Boy: Summerhouse", enthralled to see a show featuring a world he thoroughly understood, filmed on the same streets he grew up on. After being mentored by Ian Katz (then at The Guardian), Tyrone was introduced to Ronan Bennett, the creator of the very show that led him to scriptwriting. In 2019, Tyrone was brought onto series two of the BAFTA winning Netflix show "Top Boy" to write additional dialogue, but quickly became an integral part of the day-to-day writing room for series two and three, additionally writing one episode and co-writing another. Tyrone is currently writing a number of his own exciting original projects, including a compelling crime drama series based on a true story. He has also co-created and is writing a spy thriller series with 'Skepta' and his production team. Anne Mensah and Netflix UK remain huge fans of Tyrone and his work.