Mohamed-Zain Dada


Mohamed-Zain Dada


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Rachel Taylor

Mohamed-Zain is a writer and director. Since graduating with an MA in Creative Writing and Education from Goldsmiths University of London (where he was a recipient of the Aziz Foundation scholarship), Zain has been part of the Soho Theatre Writers Lab, the Royal Court Theatre Writers Group and the School of High Tide Writers Group. Zain has also been a member of Tamasha Theatre Writers Group and BBC London Voices. Zain was also co-founder of Khidr Collective, an annual zine which platforms the work of British Muslim artists and has been featured in VICE, Huck Magazine and ARTE. He won an Outspoken Award for directing poetry film THE MOON IS A MEME and was made a Winston Churchill Fellow in recognition of his research on ‘The Future of Community Arts.’ Zain’s debut full length play BLUE MIST (Royal Court, 2023) has just been nominated for an Olivier Award and he is currently developing the script for the screen. He is also working with Left Bank / NFTS and his new play DIZZY, will open in Sheffield later in the year.