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Zoé Denis


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Zoé is a Belgo-Italian UK-based feature and TV writer. Growing up across seven different countries and thirteen cities, stories quickly became Zoé's one constant in life. She's best described as a culturally homeless fish-out-of-water, which is probably why she gravitates towards creating new worlds to immerse herself in. She's a proud geek, and her happy place is somewhere in between the realms of sci-fi and animation with a sprinkle of fantasy and a whole lot of heart. Most recently, she has been busy developing various features and TV projects with companies such as A24 and PLAYSTATION. Prior to that, Zoé was staffed on HBO’s THE NEVERS and Amblin's BRAVE NEW WORLD, and went on to support the showrunners across all aspects of production and post-production. From ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE to MAMMA MIA 2 and DEADPOOL 3, Zoé almost has a decade of production and post-production experience, even earning AP credits along the way for her extensive work.